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Peter Hermesdorf Quartet

Peter Hermesdorf - saxophones    
Gero Körner - piano           
Werner Lauscher - bass  
Mimi Verderame - drums       

After playing in a lot of different kind of bands I felt the urge to start a band myself. In July 2019 I was invited by pianist Gero Körner to play at the Rursee Sessions in the beautiful  Eiffel region (Germany). We played in a quartet line-up and after a very successful and enjoyable concert all four of us immediately had the feeling of continuing as a regular quartet.I feel very privileged to have this quartet with like-minded fantastic, friendly, warm musicians.

In August 2020 we made a trailer in the Hansa Haus Studio in Bonn (Germany) .

It is a compilation of my own compositions which I wrote over the years, sometimes interspersed with a single standard or composition by someone else. We recorded in an old school-way, the four of us playing simultaneously as a spontaneous jam session (without re-recording a particular fragment separately ) including vulnerabilities, which is what makes up the essence of jazz for me.

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                         Gero Körner - piano












Gero Körner has always been a pianist interested in different genres. 
While receiving a classical edu
cation from Prof. Valerie Minenkov, he studied jazz piano at the Cologne University of
Music under Frank Chastenier (WDR BigBand) and and Prof. John Taylor/GB and won several prices with classical music and jazz projects. 
He feels home on big pop/rock stages as much as in jazz clubs.

The musical chameleon he is, his artistic work reflects his musical versatility:
He performed with icons of jazz such as Gunter Hampel, Leroy Jones and Bill Watrous and – yes – he puts on classical concerts. 
He also played with lots of the big names in the German pop/rock and Jazz scene.

In 2010 he released his debut album TRUTH feat. Soleil Niklasson. On this soul/funk album he
plays mainly the Hammond B3 Organ.

His recent album GERO KÖRNER TRIO plays greatest hits with John Goldsby on Bass and Hans
Dekker on Drums - both members of the WDR-Bigband - is all about the art of swing-jazz. 
Körner arranged pop hits of the last four decades for this album and makes them sound like jazzstandards.
Gero Körner is also a much sought after studio musician and rock/pop sideman because he is able
to adapt to whatever style is wanted ever so easily what unveils the full stylistic kaleidoscope he
has on offer. He played on several filmmusic- and commercial-soundtracks and played on more
than 40 records in different genres.


              Werner Lauscher - bass































Aachen ( Germany ) born and based bass player.
Began his professional career on el.bass.
After his studies in Los Angeles he also started to play  the double bass .
He recorded more then 70 Albums with Bob Mintzer , Joachim Kühn , Rocco Granata ,  Toots Thielemans,
Viktor Lazlo , Michel  Bisceglia , Helmut Lotti , Charlie Mariano , Buscemi and many more.
He also appears on several film soundtracks and has played thousands of concerts around the world.


  Domenico 'Mimi' Verderame - drums

















Mimi Verderame learns his basics in drumming at the age of six. At fourteen he attends courses at the Academy of

Music in Liège (Belgium) and simultaneously takes up work as a studio musician. He has his debut

as a jazz drummer at the age of 17 with the alto saxophone player Jacques Pelzer. Rapidly Mimi

Verderame asserts his position in jazz,.Now it's one of the busiest and most respected drummers on the Belgian jazz scene.

He plays and played with Toots Thielemans, Philip Catherine, Larry Schneider, Rosario Guliani, Didier Lockwood, Rik Margitza,

Peter King, Deborah Brown, John Ruocco, Jesse van Ruller, and many others ...

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