24.6 Peter Hermesdorf Quartet 
Cultuurhuis Heerlen

28.8.21. Alter Schlachthof,Eupen(B)
1.9.21. Kultursommer Festival Aachen (D)
2.9.21. Berlijn, Bb-club Berlijn

10.11.21 Hermesdorf,Verderame,Lauscher Trio
Hasselt in the Mood (B) . t.b.a.

19.12.21. Peter Hermesdorf Quartet
Deinze (B)

15.1.22.Peter Hermesdorf Quartet
De Sjruur (B,Maaseik) 

26.3.22. Salzswedel,Club Hanseat (D)
27.3.22 Nadelfabrik Aachen (D)
19.5.22. Cultuurhuis Heerlen
20.5.22. Birdland, Hamburg (D)
21.5.22.option Planet Jazz,Düren (D)
21.5.22.option Bb-club Berlijn (D)


( foto by Marc Verhey )

* After playing in a lot of different kind of bands I felt the urge to start a band myself. In July 2019 I was invited by pianist Gero Körner to play at the Rursee Sessions in the beautiful  Eiffel region (Germany).

We played in a quartet line-up and after a very successful and enjoyable concert all four of us immediately had the feeling of continuing as a regular quartet.

I feel very privileged to have this quartet with like-minded friendly, very talented, and experienced musicians.

In August 2020 we made a trailer in the Hansa Haus Studio in Bonn (Germany).

It is a compilation of my own compositions which I wrote over the years, sometimes interspersed with a single standard or composition by someone else. We recorded in an old school-way, the four of us playing simultaneously as a spontaneous jam session and without re-recording particular fragments separately, including vulnerabilities, which is what makes up the essence of jazz for me.

For more info check Peter Hermesdorf Quartet





* In het voorjaar 2020 ontving ik een uitnodiging van Jazz Maastricht om deel te nemen aan een

bijzonder project, genaamd 'A Quiet City' waarbij het de bedoeling was om de sfeer van de stad tijdens de lockdown weer te geven middels muziek.De opname vond plaats in een voormalige zogenaamde gashouder met een ietwat desolate sfeer en hele lange galm die voor een deel mijn manier van spelen bepaalden.Dat leidde tot een enigszins abstracte versie van Duke Ellington's 'Solitude'.Door gebruik te maken van de galm kon ik noten stapelen en op die manier hier en daar samenklanken creëren.

In the spring of 2020 I was invited by  Jazz Maastricht to participate in a

special project, called 'A Quiet City' where the aim was to reproduce the atmosphere of the city during the lockdown through music.The recording took place in a former so-called 'Gasholder' (used for district heating) with a somewhat desolate atmosphere and very long reverberation that partly decided my way of playing, which led to a somewhat abstract version of Duke Ellington's " Solitude. '' By making use of  this reverb I could stack notes and create harmonies here and there.